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VCF views poverty as a management issue rather than an income issue. Increasing income by itself leads to increasing expenditure. We bring this lesson to our partner communities and encourage them to invest in their own savings. We consider them as our partners and not as beneficiaries. Our process will further community capabilities and create pride and self-reliance; remove the dependency mentality imposed on poor and vulnerable communities.

Traditional Farming 2011

Partnering with the Movement of protection of  Indigenous Seeds and Derana Community Development Foundation, VCF intends to promote the use of indigenous paddy varieties amoung rural communities in Kurunegal district in Sri Lanka. This program will also attempts to rejuvenate traditional farming practices and social values attached to them.

Vimenta 2012

VCF Support capacity building of Vimenta which is a non-profit organization established in Sri Lanka. Vimenta works with children and women in vulnerable communities to improve their education, organizational capacity and life skills. In addition, Vimenta helps disable communities all around the country providing the travel and lodging expenses pertaining to their medical treatments.



Wilgoda Laborlines 2010

Youth and women in Wilgoda law income community located in the municipal council of Kurunegala, sri lanka commits to build partnership with the chamber of commerce of wayamba province and ceylon research network to achieve self esteem through small business initiatives of youth and women.Most of them are municipal sanitary workers with law education level. VCF provides technical advice and initial capital Read more..

Gallellagama School -2008

Gallellagama school project is a new way to retain youth in in the same village through better education. VanLanka Planning consulting assisted the newly appointed graduate teacher to establish a computer resources center in the school. School is now running the center ammended the curriculum to include computer education. Student started to study the Weddakanda sanctury as a heritage study.


Thambavita youth 2009

Thambavita youth and children club will be working towards gaining education and knowledge for sustainable lifestyle and resources management. Located in a very remote and difficult location in the central hills of Sri Lanka this vulnerable community needs a regular help of a social worker.It is very expensive for volunteers to travel for that village and children travel four to five miles to obtain higher education. VCF and CRN collaboratively work to place an intern to work with this community on regular basis. Read more.

Sri Lanka Kidney Foundation 2009

VanLanka, prior to its incorporation had engaged in fundraising to assist Sri Lanka kidney foundation for its research and treatment facility at the city of Anuradhapura. We were able to raise CAD 10,000 towards this project and donate 10 dialysis beds for dialysis ward in this hospital in 2009..  However, the accomplishment of this project led VCF to investigate further research on to the root causes of constant kidney failures in the North Central Province in Sri Lanka that we have found the issues related to the use of agrochemicals in rice farming.  

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