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Annual Fundraising Event

VCF organizes annual fundraising events in collaboration with Canada Sri Lanka Scholarship Foundation involving Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada and few Canadian sponsors. This event secures over $ 7000 towards the community fund supports mechanism of VCF and Canada SriLanka Scholarship Foundation annually.  


Milestones Events Fundraising Program (Milestones)

Milestones aims to develop small business opportunities in event management, food catering, and international trade for immigrant women who are most at risk. Milestones sponsors could dedicate their anniversaries, birthdays and similar celebrations as fundraising events for VCF projects. In lieu of personal gifts, donations could be made for the VCF project activity selected by the sponsor. Through Milestones, VCF develops sustainable and self-initiated funding mechanisms to improve its organizational capacity.

Community entertainments and cultural events

Community food vending stalls will be organized by VCF in Surrey and other cities in Canada as fundraising drives. Board members and members of VCF will volunteer their time for such events.  Those funding will also go to the project communities without any admin fees. Local talent shows are the main fund raising strategy that VCF intends to organize.  This is a legacy that the Sri Lankan communities abroad take when they immigrate to other countries.  Musical shows, dancing events will be organized and profits from these events will go towards the financial needs of the project communities. VCF will also apply for different grant agencies when the ground work is laid in progress.   

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