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Read about first Canadian volunteer teacher Mr. Gregory Corcoran's inspiring experience in Kurunegala

Community Support Education Program
The project implemented in 2011 was the pilot project implemented by VanLanka as a self-financing social enterprise project. For the pilot phase of this program, VCF collaborated with Chamber of Commerce of the Wayamba province (CCWP), Ceylon Research Networks (CRN) and the municipal Council of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka.

Expected outcomes

  • Opportunities for Canadian volunteer teachers to gain social work and travel experience, cultural understanding, networking opportunities and teaching experience for graduate students.
  • English teacher training opportunities for underserved rural areas and regional towns.
  • ESL learning opportunities for children of poor and vulnerable communities, school dropouts, high school leavers, university graduates and business professionals in rural areas in Sri Lanka to improve their employability skills.

Program components
There are five modules designed originally but was able to implement only three modules for three months.  

  • The Business English Communication Essentials (BECE) is the module designed for students from business community. This is fee for service course to recover part of the logistical expenses. 
  • School  children of Wilgoda urban slum community. This is a free program designed to help school children after school hours.
  • Young school leavers in the city. Morning classes free for middle income community.


Pilot phase –Financing and Logistics
VCF arranged the return air ticket, Visa and local travel and other logistics. Kurunegala Municipal Council arranged a host family for accommodation and food. VanLanka Planning Consulting provided required funding for VCF to pay off those expenses as this is the research and feasibility phase. The Chamber of Commerce of Wayamba Province and Ceylon Research Networks volunteered their time in initiating program marketing, providing teaching assistants, local travel and other logistical arrangements.

The pilot phase was completed in January-April 2011.  Gregory Corcoran, certified English as a Second Language teacher (ESL), was the volunteer teacher of this phase.  Prior to leaving for Sri Lanka, the VCF coached him in VanLanka projects and working principles, the country background, political and social issues, cultural dynamics. All logistical arrangements, local travel and visa are arranged by the Chamber of Commerce of the North Central Province and an assistant volunteer teacher provided by the Ceylon Research Network.  The teacher’s accommodation and food are provided by a host family arranged by the Municipal Council. 

Courses Curriculum
Mr. Corcoran developed the curriculum for five modules and 25 hours of teaching time per week to include teaching topics related to sustainability, environmental awareness, and Sri Lankan culture. However, we were able to complete only three modules successfully with more than 80% in attendance. Certificates were awarded to those who completed programs successfully.


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