Ballanmaldigana Irrigation Rehabilitation and Traditinal Rice Farming Project

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VanLanka community foundation was incorporated in 2010 as a non-profit organization to gather Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada in order to facilitate partnership and collaboration to assist communities in need. We expanded our work horizon to promote shared learning through action research. We facilitate communities build effective leadership skills and relationships. We also provide technical advice and financial assistance. We hope this ensures that communities improve their resource management capabilities to initiate innovative solutions for sustainability challenges.

We strategize actions to make international development a collaborative responsibility which ensures long term sustainability, instead of funding projects that would not build lifetime relationships. We expect this would yield mutual benefits rather than transferring financial and technical resources from rich countries to poor. The scope of our work covers community education, food security, sustainable farming. We hope to empower women and youth to promote small businesses that mutually benefit community resources.

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New Story - Ballanmaldigana Irrigation Rehabilitation and Traditinal Rice Farming Project in Panama, Sri Lanka

VanLanka Community Foundation (VCF), through its community fundraising initiatives in Canada, has been assisting several farmers and farm organizations in different villages to decrease the use of agrochemicals in farming. Among those programs, the rehabilitation of the Ballanmaldigana Irrigation Reservoir and the Promotion of Traditional Rice Farming in Panama village located in the east coast of Sri Lanka has been a significant achievement. Through this project, VCF and the Farm Organization of Panama have developed a strong relationship. By ensuring water availability during the dry period, this project subsequently increased rice yields and farmer income.

The stored water in the Ballanmaldigana reservoir was not only important to the farmers but also to the animals of the Kumana National Park. While all other water patches in the national park has dried up, water remained in abundance in the Ballanmaldigana reservoir. The water in the reservoir is almost a matter of life and death for these animals, and demonstrates how this reservoir restoration can contribute not only to improved agriculture, but also to sustain local natural habitats.



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